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Being aware of driven causes requires the necessity to examine the factors behind the African environmental degradation and the one-health alteration

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Urban Resilience: a new concept of sustainability
Impacts of pollution on global health
Artificial intelligence for better life quality
Sociocultural paradigm & environmental governance

1st African Forum on Environmental Public Health

About the 1st AFRO-EPH

Despite contributing to the least environmental pollution worldwide load, the African continent is facing severe environmental threats and the brunt of climate change. With high vulnerability and poor preparation for adaptation to environmental burdens and climatic shocks, it is the lowest climate-resilient worldwide continent

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Track 1: Urban Resilience: a new concept of sustainability

- Urban Resilience in Response to Socio-Economic and Environmental Crises ; - Urban Modernization and Heritage Preservation ; - Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Development ; - Life Cycle Manufactured Product Assessment ;

Track 2: Impacts of pollution on global health

- One Health Risk Assessment ;
- Emerging Pollutants and Human Health Disruptors ;
- Green Sustainable Technology Development ;
- Biorefinery and Renewable Energy Production ;
- Socioeconomic Impacts of Pollution ;
- Pollution Impacts on Ecosystem Stability.


Boubaker Elleuch


Hamed Ben Dhia

Honorary chairman

Zina Hakim

Senior Organizer

Imed Gargouri

Organizing Committee Advisor