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Being aware of driven causes requires the necessity to examine the factors behind the African environmental degradation and the one-health alteration

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About the 1st AFRO-EPH

Despite contributing to the least environmental pollution worldwide load, the African continent is facing severe environmental threats and the brunt of climate change. With high vulnerability and poor preparation for adaptation to environmental burdens and climatic shocks, it is the lowest climate-resilient worldwide continent. The most pressing environmental issues include freshwater shortage, water resource contamination, poor solid waste management, soil and air degradation, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.
These threats are also associated with high demographic growth, increased mortality, poverty, poor sanitary systems, and human health alteration.
Protecting the environment of Africa and saving its race would be a challenge that requires examining more carefully the knitted aspects and incorporating them into an overall sustainable economic development strategy.
Being aware of these driven causes requires examining the factors behind the African environmental degradation and the one-health alteration. Mastering these aspects would help bring concrete solutions to protect the African environment regarding sustainable development and suggest the roles that the state and international assistance should play.
Within this frame, the 1st African Forum on Environmental Public Health (1stAFRO-EPH) launch would aim to discuss environmental threats, including pollution types, water shortage, and climate upheavals, and provide some cues to overcome these harmful impacts on human beings through a newly-discussed paradigm. This paradigm would warranty the sustainability of a resilient and flourishing society. Resilience would rely on an integrated citizen-centered management approach to optimize human health and bring the ecosystems into their balance